TwinSparks Software was founded in September of 2002 in the picturesque Pacific Northwest city of Portland, Oregon. Originally founded as The Team Computer Services (a homage to the college "team name" of the two founders) TwinSparks began as two college graduates attempted to carve a niche into a fairly open market: custom software for small businesses.

Since then business has expanded considerably, and with that expansion came a variety of projects. In addition to custom software, TwinSparks became responsible for web page creation and management. Onsite service was done to setup networks or to fix hardware and software problems with troublesome computers. Extensive databases and detailed reports were added to existing software to increase their efficiency and power.

Despite this broadening of horizons, TwinSparks still maintains a focus on its initial mission statement: "Quality custom software at an affordable price". TwinSparks prides itself on developing only the highest quality products:

Lastly, TwinSparks still respects the fact that sometimes as a small business owner you just need advice. TwinSparks still gives no-cost consultation to anyone seeking advice in the technical realm. We are willing to share our knowledge to help you understand what your options are in the constantly growing and sometimes confusing Information Technology world.